Monday, 1 November, 2010

Facebook Group's Daily Digest Emails

Hey folks. So, wondering about the hell of emails facebook send you for every activity that is done in a group you are member of? Well, there is one official way to get rid of it - revoke permissions about facebook sending you emails. But then, you also don;t want to be left out, right? What if you could have a daily digest sort of thing for facebook groups? Won't that be great?

Time to welcome Group Email Digest app (facebook link, website). This is a real simple, sweet app that keeps you updated about the activities performed in your facvorite group on a daily basis. The app's motto is "To keep your inbox updated and uncluttered".

Let me tell you more about this app. When you visit the app's home page (, it will ask you to login with your facebook account, and ask the required permissions. The need for various permissions has been very clearly mentioned there itself. After you login, you will find all the groups you are currently a member of. Just check those groups for which you want a daily digest update email and click on "Subscribe Digest Email" at the bottom. If you want to opt out from a particular group, just uncheck the group and again click on "Subscribe Digest Email". That will opt you out.

The app is in beta phase. This means that there will be frequent changes in the application's behavior. The changes will be for the good only. Also, there are server limitations on the number of emails per day, that can be send out (since the application is running in free quota now), so we can support only a limited number of users right now. The limit should be somewhere around 1,000 however exact count shall be available only after observation for couple of days.

Let me know your views, critism and praises, so I will keep improving upon it.

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