Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Funniest Google pic

Today morning, i was viewing a website, that did not changed it's URL for the search results. I mean if you view the first search result page, or the last the URL was the same. I was a bit uncomfortable, and tried to see the Google's URL for search results. And it changes accordingly.
However, i did some changes in the URL and i got this funny pic. The fact that makes this pic funnier is the Google logo at the bottom. The O is misplaced, and hangs at the bottom.
How can this happen. We all know there is a relation between the result page and the number and style of O that appears in the Gooooogle, but having an O dropped out from the name is quite funny.
All i did was to change the start parameter to 10,000. And then i got a message saying that ,"Sorry, Google does not serve more than 1,000 results for any query. You asked for results starting from 1,000,000.". It means the designer had probably expected this kind of query, and hence this error message.
Now i tried to play a bit more, i changed the start parameter to a negative value say -99 and i got the search page 1, for that. Even i changed it to alphabetic value and the start page was visible. So, they are doing a validation for these values, then why leave behind the values greater than 1,000. And even more, leaving apart the O :-)

Have a look yourself and enjoy.

Here is a better and enlarged view of the image.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha, indeed very funny. Google dropping the O