Saturday, 30 May, 2009

Introducing the Google Wave APIs: what can you build?

Google Wave Developer Blog: Introducing the Google Wave APIs: what can you build?

This is something that makes the internet more fun and productive. Do check it out.


  1. Hello, it would be interesting if one of the developers could create an API that transcribes key-presses into audio files using speech recognition software.

    These could be then retained for security analysis of conversations or perhaps you could market them to the people who had the conversation. The overall benefits would be in your favor and imagine if you were able to build a complete archive one day of voice recordings for all members and users alike to listen to on a special site dedicated to this area of interest.

    Additionally using Scribd, you could also use their services to transcribe a daily recording and again market these back to the users. If you are aware of the users home pages or websites whilst they're using WAVE then you might be able to construct an open-source database application and market your products direct to them.

  2. Sure thats a fantastic idea. I have found a couple of good text-to-speech softwares. Will be looking forward to get thing done. Thanks for your idea.

    1. Pravnav, I am still here but on Google, my username varies from ("Frank Burns"), ("dofollowme") & ("")! Even I get confused at times but I hope you played with my last entry to your advantage.

  3. With Google Wave, if you can access all products being displayed for sale from every department store using Google Mapping systems, you could redirect those images back to Google Corporate, who could then advertise the same products to their client base and customers. It would be a much simpler form of direct advertising of products and in most cases, delivering the best content available and from what store the sale is at. Sometimes the simplest idea is the best we can work from.

  4. I believe in the boomerang effect but I haven't quite seen the boomerang come back my way, is it just an Australian thing?