Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Codecontrol celebrates it's first anniversary

Codecontrol completed it's first anniversary on June 26th, 2008. However, i was a bit busy with my semester exams and other activities so could not get to post on this. Anyways, right now, we are all celebrating the first anniversary of CodeControl, and here are some things you should expect by the end of winter 2008.

  • A better UI.
    I am working on a better template and UI, which would enhance the way you interact with codecontrol. A better UI means, a better search integration, enhanced Talk-to-me gadget (provided by Hab.La), and a good looking template.

  • More code-content based information.
    More content based information means better and more tweaks into the system as you desire. Ah, well to give you a sneak peak, we already are working on a code that gives you the details of people who are as "invisible" mode in gtalk. Na Na... nothing more at this point, we will be releasing it soon.

  • Our own software addons One thing that i have found is users find it tricky to tweak the systems using XML codes, so we are also planning to release some of the addons, for few softwares. But this is not an official word. :-)

Finally, anything that you would like us to improve, suggestions are most welcome. Please use the comment at the bottom of this post to communicate, with us.

Have a great day,

Pranav Prakash

(Author: CodeControl)

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