Tuesday, 30 October, 2007

gTalk tips and tricks

Most of the people who are on Google Talk, use their client, also popularly called as gTalk, to communicate with their friends. In this post, i would like to share with you some tips and tricks about exiting features on gTalk.

1) Listen to FM Radio on gTalk

Yea, that's true, FM is on your GTalk now (Teen Taal 110,only hindi songs)
For this u need to follow these steps...,
  1. Add this id in ur GTalk: service@gtalk2voip.com
  2. Then add: 110@radio.gtalk2voip.com
After completion of these 2 steps make a call to 110@radio.gtalk2voip.com. Then u will be directly connected to teen taal FM radio station.

Please note that, i am on Linux, i use Pidgin Messenger, and so, i haven't tried this thing yet. In case, it doesn't work, do post a comment, but don't expect too much from my side, although, i will try to figure out what went wrong. In case it does, post the comment, so that others can use it too. If your radio has not started to play in 5 seconds, please drop the call and connect again.

2) Invisible mode login in gTalk

This topic has already been posted, so i would avoid the redundancy. You can view the topic here

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  1. 110@radio.gtalk2voip.com went offline after i tried calling..!

  2. The web service is facing some technical issues, and i have also observed that. Anyways, there are more radio stations on it, which you can get by visiting their website.