Monday, 21 July, 2008

More of orkut into google search result

Google added orkut profile links to it's search results quite a long time back. But now, it seems to go one step further, by improving it and adding the mutual friend, and possible friends if you search for an organization.

Here is a screenshot taken from my account. I just searched for my organization name, and i got new friends out here. And yes, frankly, i did not knew them :-)

Kool enough.

However, interesting fact is that these results were shown only when i used the Google India and not when i tried these searches on So, it can be said that these searches are terrority specific. They know that Orkut is the leading social networking website in countries like India and Brazil, and hence the results. Too accurate to miss.

The result of integration of orkut into google search is getting day by day. Hope one day, we will be able to find Kumbh ke bichde hue bhai over google :-)

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