Monday, 28 July, 2008

Cuil vs Google - the battle grows stronger

Just a few hours ago, Cuil was launched, and it has already created a fuss in the market. I just saw the reports on Techcrunch about the arrival of Cuil, and i decided to have some of my own observation.


Cuil says that "We do not keep logs of our users’ search activity.". Well, this is something i loved. I don't want the Magic-Mirror-On-The-wall to keep remembering all of my search information. That might be useful for Engineers over the Googleplex, but from my point of view, i certainly don't feel benefited from it.


Every website uses cookies to store relevant information about visitors. What differentiates them, is in the way they consider which information is "relevant". Cuil is concerned, with only the safe search and typing suggestions. While google is more interested in my time, date of use, and also stores cookies to last till the year 2032 (may be i am wrong, i don;t remember it exactly, but it is in this range only).

Search Results

While Google uses the right sidebar for ads, Cuil uses it to further refine the search, on various basis. I looked for India, and found a beautiful page. While a google search for same, is often a bit boring.


The UI of cuil is much better and easy to explore than that of Google. It offers top tabs also, alongwith a sliding sidebar.

Well, i use Google Service to post this blog, and another Google service to upload images over here, but we are talking about SEARCH here.

I think, Cuil is going to be a tough competitior of Google.


  1. So, Cuil Search is better than Google Search in every way except... search results? [/sarcasm]