Sunday, 11 July, 2010

Fedora 13 local service hangs while startup

Things go real funny at times. I downloaded the Fedora 13 i386 the day it was released. I purchased a DVD so that i can burn it and install and experience the few Fedora. I haven't upgraded it since Fedora 10. So, i was under the illusion that i had burned the DVD (which i ddn
t) and while trying to install, it did nothing. So, i underwent this perception that my DVD-RW is bad and i must get it replaced. Today evening i found out that what i was trying was to install Fedora 13 from a blank DVD. LoL :-) Anyways, so i burned it down and tried installing.

Unfortunately the DVD had some scratches so i decided to go to online repos for the RPMs and other things. I installed Fedora from the online repo at and i did a minimal installation with LXDE as desktop environment. After the installation, i found out that the service "local" could not be initiated, and the system just seems to hang at that moment. A quick google did not yield any significant result. So i did a bit of R&D on it.

As per my online research, the "local" service in Fedora 13 is a service which kicks off your X-server. So, if the "local" service is not initiating, it means there is an issue with your X-server. In my case, the possible reason could be a conflict in LXDE Environment or something. The immediate workaround is to get into terminal by CTRL+ALT+F2. CTRL+ALT+F1 is to return to X-server. This key combination did some help in my case, by allowing me to get into the terminal, but nevertheless that did not solved my actual problem.

So, i had to reinstall Fedora 13 using the online repo i mentioned earlier, and as i am writing this blog, the installation is going on. Hopefully, it will get over in next ten minutes and i can see my favorite GNOME environment again. Just in case, something weird happens, i will update this post. The installation went great and right now i am on Fedora 13, GNOME desktop.

Also there are some interesting things you can do while Fedora 13 is being installed. Like reading XKCD :-)

Also, if you have more information about the "local" service in Fedora 13, kindly inform me using the comment form below. I will update the post accordingly.

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