Monday, 7 January, 2008

Fight against boredom

Mozilla has launched a fight against boredom. There are some statistics that say various activities that Firefox users are more or less likely to do, and all of them support the fact that Mozilla Firefox users are less likely to get bored of life and have ample time for various other entertaining activities. The data has been collected from 18 + years internet users by Data from Nielsen Online, @Plan, Fall 2007 Release.There is a video release also, with some strong lyrics against the Internet Explorer.

The lyrics of the song can be downloaded from here

It’s meant to be viral, but I’m not sure Microsoft will take the following statistics quoted on the page in the best light:

Compared to Internet Explorer users, Firefox users are

* 21% less likely to be a sales representative or agent at their current place of business.
* 45% more likely to have gone on vacation in San Francisco within the last 2 years.
* 33% less likely to live with others suffering from high cholesterol.
* 6% less likely to have eaten any meal at Chick-fil-A within the last 7 days.
* 24% less likely to live with others suffering from heart disease.
* 66% more likely to have viewed or listened to audio or video about politics or public affairs news within the last 30 day.
* 89% more likely to have purchased database software for work in the last year.
* 38% less likely to live with others suffering from breast cancer.
* 106% more likely to enjoy boarding sports.


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