Friday, 21 March, 2008

Managing gtalk status your way

Alright fine, so i have returned after a long time, with another of my post of google talk and gmail. In this post i will tell you how to manage your gtalk status effectively. As you must have read from my previous post of Being invisible in gtalk, there are ways through which you can be invisible in gtalk. Here are some things more.

Being invisible in gMail

Recently gmail has introduced the feature of being invisible. When you change your status you can select invisible. This will make sure that you can see other people who are online and chat with them, but they can't see you being online.

Showing off your music track in Pigdin

Now, for those who are using google talk on Windows, it is easy to show off their current music track. For those who are using Pidgin on Linux or Windows, there is an add-on that you need to install. Then you can also publicize your music track. Here is the link to download the plugin known as MusicTracker. The project is hosted at Google Code and you can get it from here

Being always idle in google talk

Through a plugin for gtalk called as gAlwaysIdle you can always be in idle status, and thus safely ignore people whom you don't want to talk to. You can download the plugin from gAlwaysIdle

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