Friday, 22 February, 2008

Get SMS Alert for google talk

Hello, the wait for SMS alert in google talk is finally over, here is a way how you can get SMS alert from google regarding people who SMSed you while you were offline. Although there is no official service, this is a tweak or "jugaad" in a sense, that lets you to receive SMS notifications when you are not available.

  1. Install Pidgin IM client. In case you are having issues regarding configuring Pidgin for google talk, you can look here.
  2. Create a Google Calender and in the settings tab (on the top right corner), go for notification settings. Create a SMS alert for it. Type your mobile number and verify your mobile.
  3. If you are Windows user, download this file . Unzip it and copy the file named gsms.dll in the folder C:\Program Files\pidgin\plugins.

    In case you are a Linux user, download the required file from this location to ~.purple/plugins.
  4. Configure the plugin as follows

    Open the Plugins from the main window of Pidgin, and then so the following things

    Gmail account: your gmail e-mail (example:
    Password: password for specified account.
    Timeout: Number of minutes for gsms to collect chats until it sends them.
    Calendar feed path: Which calendar to use (example: "/private/full" translates to:

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