Saturday, 14 August, 2010

Google Talk Invisible in Kopete

About three years back, Siddharth Upmanyu found a way of getting invisible in Pidgin, which is demonstrated in my earlier blog post about Invisible Mode for Google Talk. The method is raw and simple, but looks geeky. Couple of days back, Nilesh Govindrajan looked upon the idea and came up with a way to get this done, right inside Kopete instant messenger. He has demonstrated the method at this blog post on iTech7. This method looks great to me, although i haven't tried it myself.
If you people find any bugs or suggestions, do respond here. Also, i would like to see more people coming up with new ways of tweaking other popular messengers like Google Talk, Pidgin, Telepathy to provide a reliable and better invisible mechanism in Google Talk (XMPP) protocol.

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