Sunday, 27 December, 2009

AtoZ Help - An Engine for creating online help section on AppEngine

So, this Christmas, i had nothing better to do than sit and do this project named AtoZ-help.

The project aims at creating an engine that can create and manage the help sections of a website in a very efficient and hassles-less manner.

Website :

The project is under rapid development and this release has been completed in 2 days (starting from scratch), and although serious issues are not quite expected, there needs a lot of tuning, refining and features to be added.

If you have a bug report/ feature request. kindly so in the issues list here. Please search the issue list to avoid duplicacy.

As of now, it is not recommended to use this project for business purposes just because the project is evolving very fast, and so some features might get changed or discontinued. It is however, good if you are a developer and want to try things out.

I will be releasing a complete tutorial and a much convenient template for AtoZ, but they are not in my priority list. The roadmap for this project is listed at the RoadMap Wiki Page.

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