Sunday, 29 March, 2009

CodeControl Official Help Section

This is the official CodeControl help section. You can find answers to all your questions at this place. If there is anything that you want to know, please post a comment below, and i will be more than happy to answer that.

What is CodeControl ?

CodeControl is a blog by me. The name CodeControl should not be confused with code version maintaining software or any such other application. The name was given by me, because i think that Code Controls Everything. This blog is not affiliated with any organization. Not even the one in which i am currently working. The views and contents mentioned here are solely my own personal views.

What is the license of the source codes published?

All the source codes published at CodeControl are under GNU General Public License v3.0 unless mentioned explicitly in the source. I have tried my best to make the source error free, but i am not responsible for any errors that might occur while you are trying to make things work. And hence, i am not responsible directly or indirectly for any damages occurred.

What is the chat window popping up at the right bottom ?

The chat window is for your convenience. This free chat tool is provided by Hab.La and i am really thankful to my friend Jamin Ben for his innovative support in this. Through this chat window you can have a direct conversation with me, whenever i am online. My status is displayed in the window as "Available", "Busy" or "Away". Accordingly i am. If you have any questions that is not mentioned in the blog post, please ask them in the chat window.

Is there a way i can remove that chat window?

No. There is no way to remove it. The best that you can do is to minimize it, so it wont affect your navigation.

Why do i get "Permission Denied" error frequently on Online Compiler?

The Online Compiler that is on CodeControl is a work done by a real cool friend of mine, Siddharth Upmanyu. He hosts the code at his server, and i have implemented just the plugin for the web. The server has quota constraints. Whenver we run out of quota the message "Permission Denied" occurs. I was planning to deploy a similar version on, but that project is temporarily halted. Till something is done for this, the error will continue to come now and then.

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