Friday, 25 January, 2008

Is orkut confused in displaying text ?

It seems that Orkut program is quite confused when it comes to displaying texts and links. I logged into my orkut account. The recent visitors and the Today's fortune columns were behaving in a strange manner. Here is a snapshot, of what it looked like.

Orkut Strange Text Display

Even strange, when the page source of the particular selection was viewed, there were strange findings. As can be seen from the below snapshot, the standard HTML tags were all written in opposite direction from Right to Left.

Source of Orkut Page

This problem is not new. I have been watching this problem since a quite long time now. And i was thinking as to what could be the probable cause of it? Although, nothing could be made up, however, there is an interesting fact about this issue. There are a few people from Brazil as my friends. When, they visit my profile, i get this problem. When i look into their profile, as in albums, i can see the same issue, as shown below.

It seems that the issue could be because of the English-Portuguese interlingual differences or something like that. With Portuguese as the primary language and English as the secondary language of Orkut, let's hope that this issue is resolved soon.

Any comments/ suggestions welcome.

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  1. Comrade Ola you doing?

    Looks you learned to make a list of friends of friends reversed?

    I know how this is done

    I put a character that is put after my name, he reverses all that ago in my name including the source code ....