Sunday, 18 November, 2007

Bookmarking Gmail 2.0

With the coming of gMail 2.0, many things have changed, like for an instance, the emails are faster, there is a better contact management. However, something that i really liked is that the URLs are different in different case. And hence they can be used as bookmarks in the web browser. Here are some of the URLs.
  • Inbox. The url for inbox is
  • Starred. The url for stared items is
  • Chats. The url for chats is
  • Sent Items. The URL for sent items is
  • Drafts. The url for drafts is
  • All Mails. The url for all mails is
  • Spam. The url for spam is
  • Trash. The url for trash is
  • Contacts. The url for contacts is
  • Labels. If you have applied labels to your mails, then the various labels will have the url as and the search box will display something like label:LabelName

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