Friday, 26 October, 2007

Linux still has miles to go ...

Linux, the open source Operating system, still has lot to cover, in the race with Windows and Mac. I use Fedora 7 for all my daily use, but there are instances when i need to switch to Windows. Few of them i would like to discuss here.
  • Video Editor
    Linux does lack a very efficient video editors. Although Cinelerra, Avidemux, Kinodv and many more are available (you can get the entire listing on, but still Windows and Mac, have better, efficient and user friendly applications like the Windows Movie Maker, MP3 Cutter, iLife and many more.
  • Photo Editing toolsThere are tools like Digikam, The Gimp but still they are far behind when compared to adobe photoshop, which is in my views, the world leader in photo editing tool.

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